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A project that has thought about your daily serenity ...
An upscale residential complex, located in the heart of district hospitals with proper guidance.
An ideal situation ... and spaces between 80 and 160 m2, this project offers 2 apartments per floor, each building has 7 floors.
It is 18:00, leave your daily occupation and unleashed your day to find the Zen of your apartment.

  • Again, Group Walili thinks your well being.

Villa Bouskoura
  • The expertise of walili and the beauty of Bouskoura ...

Group Walili has thought of everything, a sumptuous villa, a beautiful little garden, a natural radiant. Bouskoura is so close to Casablanca, and so far from its tensions. It is time to consider a jump to the tranquility...

Office shelves

Walili Group offers a modern building on the Boulevard Abdelmoumen, welcoming the passage of the tram.

Glass fronts offering a pleasant view to the outside, allowing a maximum intake of natural light.

Free large areas can be arranged in a modular fashion depending on the desired structure.